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New Dr Who is a woman
So this news is a week old and I meant to post it last week but was sidetracked, so anyway last week the new Dr Who was revealed and it is Jodie Whittaker (I think she was in Downton Abbey or something)


So what do people think about Dr Who being a woman? well first I should probably ask if any of you even watch D ...
So 2.30 am this morning I was asleep when the fire alarm in my apartment building goes off, frightened the life out of me. Now it is not unusual for it to go off especially not lately since we've had intermittent power cuts and that has a habit of triggering it (Its an old building) but anyway I went out to check and no mess right outside my door the stairs carpet was on fire and one of the tools from the apartment upstairs is standing there drunk trying to stamp it out, now don't ask me what he ...
Boob Job
So after exactly a 2 year wait (I can't believe it's been that long  Shocked ) I finally got an appointment last Monday for my surgery, it's for 23rd of next month cheers at the moment it is a provisional appointment which means I have to ring them at 11am that day and see if they have a bed available which is a bit of a pain because it means there is no guarantee I'll get the surgery that day if no bed is available but I assume if not then I'll just be told to ring back everyday until th ...
Creative and cathartic writing.
I guess deserves a thread in itself. I indulge in introspection from time to time and sometimes I find poetry and creative writing helps untangle the knots in my mind.

So feel free to write whatever you want on here. I've got some stuff written down myself but I'm a bit embarrassed right now. Still, I promise I'll put some of my stuff up in the next week.
Music recommendation sticky

Trump watch
I could have just have easily devoted this thread to Chris Chan but why bother when the leader of the "Free World" is a perennial lolcow?

So what have the strumpets and the trumpets been up to now? Well, lets see....

Error Message on Posts
Just FYI.......

You might notice (hard to miss really ) that theres a couple of rather obnoxious large error messages at the top of posts

Please update your account to your account to enable third party hosting

Apparently this is due to the fact that Photobucket has changed it's policy regarding third party hosting of images and now requires people to cough up 400 quid or something to do it. Personally I'm not that bothered because photobucket is a h ...
So check this out
Gardaí hunt for male friend after woman's body found in woodland

I seen it on the news this morning and they had a picture of her and no mess twice last week the Garda were here interviewing everyone in my apartment block showing a picture of her and asking if we knew her or some other Polish guy they also had a picture of (at the ti ...
Netflix recommendations.
Hannibal, American Horror Story, Kingsman and Black Mirror.
Cork Asylum burns.
I saw this in bed last night. It turned the sky red.

Voice appointment
Did you know smoking cigarette can feminise your voice, but temporarily while you are frequently smoking. I think smoking somehow increases estrogen levels. I am talking from experience based on blood tests.

Also, the stronger your HRT dosage the better the effect on your voice, but at least that's in my case....

I am on Zelodix implant + 400mg spiro, ie four tablets of 100mg daily + 4mg fematab daily, all prescription from endocrine in the trans clinic dublin...
Hello all
My name is Lynda and I am a trans woman. I am glad that there is a local website for trans people, the only one I could find that does not include lady boys...  Very Happy

I hope it grows more.
New Cork transgender group.
Right, since I came back to Cork I feel very isolated so I created a facebook group for trans people in Cork. Here it is. Only myself and one other person, literally the only other transsexual I know in Cork, are in it now- then again I just created it late last night. Feel free to join or add me as a friend. It's for transsexuals and transvestites only. No admirers as it is not a dating site.

Cork Trans Group.
Hi from a very shy girl
My name is Elizabeth and I'm a little over 40 and pre-everything.  I

I am joining this forum to hopefully make friends and to try and figure out a path to coming out and eventually transitioning.

I am still living as male, but my true gender is female and always has been.  I suppose the main thing holding me back is fear of what friends, family and others will think and I'm so depressed right now at not being able to live my life as my true self.
Aunt about to die- can't go to funeral.
So I am already under a fuck ton of stress and misery which I don't want to talk about- now I hear my paternal Aunt is dying from stage for cancer. No one on my Dad's side knows I'm transsexual. It would result in instant disownment. Apparently she is being brought home to die. I won't be able to say goodbye in person and I won't be able to go to the funeral which will result in me having to make an excuse and seem evil. I have never been under so much stress in my entire life. There's other stu ...
Voice surgery.
Check Yeson in South korea
you can see some videos on line, amazing results ;)
My friend had it done there about 3 years ago and it costed her at the time 7k euros
I'm back
Sorry for not t logging on for so long. Myself and Izzy embarked on a three month detox and an incredibly healthy life style of fish and...well fish. I feel a hell of a lot better and mentally sharper but we decided to treat ourselves on Paddies day- surprises, surprise huh? So any new news from my end: I dyed my hair blood red like Evil Willow from Buffy and it's dirty hot. Also I am doing a Higher Diploma in Computer Science in three weeks time. Yeah, things are going good now.
Dia daoibh :)
Hello all, just a quick intro. I'm Anita, started my medical transition about 3 years ago but I've been stop/starting with Hrt. I'm now seeking a psychiatric referral for surgery and also adult autism/aspergers. I'm 34 and quite afraid of our doctors tbh, I don't know where I stand with them.
Hi  thanks for letting me join your community, I am female trapped in a male body . I have had confusion around my gender since i was a child . I hope to one day be able o afford the HRT AND SRT . and I am looking forward to participating here on the boards  Very Happy
Mother is dying
So it never rains but it pours.

I got a call from my eldest brother at the weekend to say that my mother is dying. Cancer. She may have just weeks.

I was estranged from her well before I transitioned. Having said that, when she heard of my transition, she accepted it. Having said that, she still calls me her son, and still uses my birth name. Which is kinda understandable given she has never met Deirdre.

And as things stand, she will die having never met me, due to the arguments we had ...
My Appointment at the GIC yesterday
Yesterday I had my appointment at the GIC. There seems to be a couple of letters that never got sent. The good old NHS!
Anyway  I was told I am now cleared and approved for surgery? I was like stunned, gob smacked. Apparently I can choose any surgeon in the UK and they will put in the request for funding. Previously i was under the impression that on the NHS you get what they give you, but this is not Charing Cross. Essentially it could mean the "boy bits" could be gone within 12 mon ...
New to this
I am a 50 year old who has been uncomfortable with his body since he was born. I wake every day with the dread of going through another day as myself.
I have this dream of going to sleep and waking up with a female body. But this never happens. Tried to commit  suicide twice but was saved by members of the public. I spent time in hospital where they told me I was bipolar. I also was told I'm skits afferentic. In this body I am hating what I was born with. I have never had a relationship wi ...
Sooo long story..
A few months ago I was told my mum was in hospital sick. I wanted to go see her (as you do) but my sister who I use to think cared about me was dead set against it saying my mum didn't want to see me. This went on for months and I have since found out lots of what I was being told were lies designed to keep me away from seeing my mum

I found out on the Thursday before Halloween she had died on the Tuesday. After hearing nothing from my family for weeks one of my nieces contacted me on Thursda ...
Constant abuse from neighbours
Myself and Izzy have being living in the same flat for several years. Our neighbours are Roma. There is about twenty odd living in the same flat. Up until the past three months they have never gave us any grief. Even when I de-transitioned last year I gave them clothes, blankets, books, video games and dvds. Now in the last three months Izzy has been experiencing abuse from them whenever she leaves the flat- a chorus of 'gay,gay, gay!'
One of them even shouted 'gay' at her when she was going to ...
Hello. I’m happy to be joining the forum. I’m an older person, born into a female body, who has never felt entirely comfortable with it. I presented and expressed myself in an extremely masculine way until puberty, when social pressures and the need to face the reality of my situation saw me outwardly conforming to my birth gender. As an adult I began to slide back into my old comfortable ways of dressing and presenting myself, although being ‘different’ has made me quite introverted and sociall ...
Family issues
This probably belongs in the forum for family issues but I don't seem to have access at the moment so if one of the mods wants to move it there then that's fine.
For financial reasons I had to move out of the apartment I was living in and back into the family home. My family do not accept my gender identity. Changing my name by deed poll, the GRC, none of it makes the slightest difference. Using the wrong pronouns and using the wrong name is something that they do quite deliberately. Trying to ...
hi , patricia here , starting for the fourth time , everytime i start this something crops up. Married , 3 kids , she knows Im trans and Ive decided at 51 to start finally. Got my referral to loughlnstown and due out within the next 2 weeks for first visit - so bloods and loads of questions. Not out to anyone other than my wife and absolutely scared of whats ahead but hey cant hang on forever have to live life and hope for the best. hope to make friends and see what happens
Fucking families, who'd have them?
So the last few weeks have sucked for me, like really sucked on a level you wouldn't believe. It started 5 weeks ago when my sister rang me at 3am Sunday morning pissed (thats not new for her, she only ever rings me pissed anyway and it is pretty much the only time I get contact with my family) to tell me my mum is hospital and is dying. I haven't seen my mum in 9 years so said fuck this I'm going to visit her so 10am my sister texted me to say my mum was discharged(I should have realised there ...
Quick Introducion
Hi all. Just a quick introduction. I'm Goddessa Victoria but people call me Victoria. I'm a Trans Woman living in Dublin. Currently not working but hoping that will change very soon. I'm pretty easy going most of the time and very friendly. I enjoy intelligent conversation. I also like to read and write and have published a number of books on Amazon. My social life is limited at the moment. Recently received my copy of the Gender Recognition Certificate which has made a very big difference to my ...
Blood Test
Hi I'm Transwoman MTF going to my Doctor on Thursday can some please give a list of what blood work I need to get done I want to have it done for when I go to Loughlinstown thanks.
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